Info Center

Welcome to X12's Info Center. Drop by this page any time to find information about the X12 organization, its activities, committees & subcommittees, tools, products, and processes. Information is presented as a presentation, informational paper, educational material, or checklist. Content is added to this page regularly.

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In this section you’ll find statements describing the use of X12 technical resources, X12’s official opinions or positions on various matters, and explanations related to X12’s intentions related to the use of X12’s standards and associated products.

In this section you’ll find informational and training decks describing the X12’s policies, processes, tools, products, etc.

In this section you’ll find short presentations focused on a single X12 group, process, tool, or product. In the Spotlight presentations are included in general sessions as continuing education and then posted for general reference.

In this section you’ll find presentations provided to external groups.