X12 standards are the workhorse of business to business exchanges proven by the billions of transactions based on X12 standards that are used daily in various industries including supply chain, transportation, government, finance, and health care. Millions of entities around the world have an established infrastructure that supports X12 transactions.

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Logo for X12 product: Glass


Glass is X12's online viewer, providing easy and convenient web-based access to many X12 products, both free and subscription-based.

Glass includes the EDI Standard, Code Source Directory, Control Standards, EDI Standard Figures, Guidelines and Technical Reports.

Logo for X12 initiative: Bridge


Standardized syntax is not enough, data content must be standardized to achieve efficiencies and maximize seamless exchanges across various ecosystems.

X12's definitions of relevant content for specific business purposes have been developed and use-tested for 40+ years.

Logo for X12 initiative: ARC

ARC: Annual Release Cycle

Annual Release Cycle: Based on requests from members and non-members alike, X12 has simplified and centralized the submission of maintenance requests for all work products. 

Under ARC, one maintenance process for all revision requests supports the annual publication of every X12 product.