Technical Reports

X12 produces three types of technical reports, with a goal of facilitating consistent implementations of its work.

Type 2 document icon

Reference Model - Type 2 (TR2)

A technical report that models business processes, computer applications, or business data flows to aid in system development.

Type 3 document icon

Implementation Guide - Type 3 (TR3)

A technical report that addresses the use of one or more transaction sets for one specific business purpose in order to facilitate consistent transaction set implementation within an industry or sub-industry. Each implementation guide is specific to one version of the EDI Standard. Many of X12's implementation guides are available to view in Glass.

Type 4 document icon

Clarification paper - Type 4 (TR4)

A technical report developed to establish an official X12 position that doesn’t meet the criteria for any other type of technical report; may describe the use, intentions, or components of one or more products, or describe external standards or activities as related to one or more products. A clarification paper is specific to one version of an X12 product. X12's clarification papers are available to view in Glass.