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Saddened by the loss of a long-time X12 contributor

We are saddened by the loss of a long-time X12 contributor and we want to take a moment to remember John Bock and his numerous contributions to technical advancements in the health care industry. For more than 30 years John dedicated his time, energy, and expertise to meet the business and technology needs of the health care industry. This includes significant contributions to X12 as well as other health care organizations and associations that advocate for standards-based EDI messages that reduce costs and improve efficiency.

John was always as willing to roll up his sleeves and get to work in the background as he was to step into a front-and-center leadership role. Within X12N, he served many terms as a work group chair, task group chair, and adhoc group chair. John also worked successfully across subcommittee lines, working with X12C, X12J, X12F, and X12M to ensure the usability and accuracy of X12’s EDI Standard and implementation guides. He spoke eloquently on behalf of X12 every time he got the chance to do so because he believed in our mission and goals. John also cared about many of us personally, offering encouragement, advice, and support to ensure the professional development of his fellow X12ers and occasionally some personal advice or encouragement too.

In 2012 John was honored with X12’s Earl “Buddy” Bass Achievement Award which is conferred on individuals who have considerable expertise in the implementation of X12 Standards, actively participate in the X12 development process, exhibit support for the implementation and use of X12 Standards, and contribute to X12’s success. That award was well-deserved and many of us joined together to thank and congratulate him that day.