X12's work includes an expansive standardized vocabulary allowing millions of transactions a day to seamlessly flow across networks. This work is represented in products that are updated and published in several syntaxes across different mediums on a consistent basis.

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X12’s Online Viewer

Online access to all available versions of X12 products, including the EDI Standard, Code Source Directory, Control Standards, EDI Standard Figures, Guidelines and Technical Reports.

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External Code Lists

These external code lists, referenced in other X12 work are maintained by X12 and related organizations with all published by WPC on their behalf.

Featured Industries

X12 is honored to work with these featured industries who rely on its standards. See all industries.

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Supply Chain

The complementary use of X12 Standards and GS1 Standards enable efficiencies - across the supply chain.

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The North American railroad industry relies on X12 transactions, exchanging millions of messages each day.

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X12 transactions have enabled the management and movement of goods for the DoD consistently for decades.

Intellectual Property (IP) Use