X12 Standards are the workhorse of business to business exchanges.

What is X12?

Established more than 40 years ago, X12 is a non-profit, ANSI-accredited, cross-industry standards development organization whose work is used by an overwhelming percentage of business-to-business transactions upholding America’s electronic information exchange.

A female longshoreman in hardhat and safety vest manages loading of cargo containers.

X12 Standards

A continuously adapting language and expansive vocabulary that allows millions of transactions a day to seamlessly flow.

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Developed and maintained through stakeholder consensus

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Complementary to other standards organizations' work

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Produced in and compatible with many syntaxes

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Ready for the Future

Continuously adapting language and vocabulary

What does it mean to be an X12 member?

X12 members represent hundreds of businesses, non-profit associations and government organizations spanning supply chain, transportation, health care, insurance, finance and other industries.

MCG Health
SSI Group
Health Level Seven, Inc.
GuideWell Source
Vision Benefits of America
Cognosante, LLC
Conference Direct
John C. Shaffer, AAP
MVP Health Plan
Adeptia, Inc.
Joseph Bell

By Industry

X12 standards enable millions of transactions to seamlessly flow between businesses across many industries. See all industries.

A female worker in a warehouse uses a bar code scanner and tablet to track inventory.

Supply Chain

The complementary use of X12 Standards and GS1 Standards enable efficiencies - across the supply chain.

A man wearing a hard hat holds a tablet while standing beside a freight train in a rail yard.


The North American railroad industry relies on X12 transactions, exchanging millions of messages each day.

A young female soldier dressed in military clothing holds a backpack in front of a pallet of supplies.


X12 transactions have enabled the management and movement of goods for the DoD consistently for decades.

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