Section title: Forms

Member Representative Request for Workspace Access

X12 activities rely on effective member collaboration within and among X12 groups. To facilitate this collaboration between meetings, X12 uses iMeet Central, an online collaboration tool. X12’s iMeet Central workspaces support robust and detailed discussions related to X12’s development and maintenance activities, they are not intended as a platform for people who only want to observe what an X12 group is working on or planning.   

An X12 member representative can request access to the iMeet Central workspace of any group in which they actively participate. Active participation includes regular attendance at the group’s meetings and sessions and, once workspace access is established, ongoing contribution to the group’s online discussions. To maintain access to the group’s iMeet Central workspace, the member representative must continue to actively participate in the group. An X12 member representative whose participation lapses will be removed from the group’s workspace. If the X12 member representative becomes active in the group again later, they can submit a new request to participate in the group’s iMeet Central workspace.

If you are an X12 member representative who has been participating in an X12 group’s meetings and would like to request access to the group’s iMeet Central workspace, submit the form below. Staff will review most requests within 72 hours; however, access will not be granted until the group's chair replies with their concurrence. X12 does not process access requests during an X12 Standing Meeting.

All fields are required.

Name of the group whose workspace you want to access in iMeet.