Section title: External Code Lists

Service Type Descriptor Codes


These codes further clarify a benefit response which cites a Service Type Code (ECL 958).

Maintenance Request Status

The list below shows the status of change requests which are in process.

Each request will be in one of the following statuses:

  1. Received
    The request has been submitted but is not yet under review.
  2. Pending
    Staff has looked at the request to ensure it's a legitimate request (not spam), that it is assigned to the correct CMG, and that all required information is present.
  3. In Process
    The CMG has initiated their decision process.
  4. On Hold
    The CMG has initiated their decision process but cannot complete it at this time.
  5. CMG Approved
    The CMG has considered and approved the request, this does not mean it was approved exactly as submitted, it means maintenance related to the request was approved. Requests in this status will be applied to the next version.
  6. CMG Disapproved
    The CMG has considered and disapproved the request, no maintenance action will occur. Requests in this status are complete/final.
Status Last Reviewed: 6/19/2024
Num. Date Requested Description Type Code Status
No current requests. This list has been stable since the last update. It will not be updated until there are new requests.

Maintenance Request Form

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required

*The description you are suggesting for a new code or to replace the description for a current code.

*Explain the business scenario or use case when the requested new code would be used, the reason an existing code is no longer appropriate for the code list’s business purpose, or reason the current description needs to be revised.

APreventive Service(s)
Activation Date: 7/5/2018
BPrimary (Care) Provider
Activation Date: 7/5/2018
CProfessional Component
Activation Date: 7/5/2018
DSpecialty Provider
Activation Date: 7/5/2018
ETechnical Component
Activation Date: 7/5/2018
Activation Date: 7/5/2018
GIntensive or Serious
Activation Date: 4/1/2020
HHigh Risk
Activation Date: 4/1/2020
Activation Date: 4/1/2020
JOn Hold
Activation Date: 4/1/2020
Activation Date: 4/1/2020
LLong Term Care
Activation Date: 4/1/2020
MAcute Care
Activation Date: 4/1/2020