Section title: News

X12 Fall 2023 Officer Elections

X12 officer elections are conducted electronically in advance of each standing meeting. Electronic elections ensure:

  • Consistency between groups so that member representatives and materially interested non-members alike understand the process and recognize it as reasonable and fairly administered.
  • Preservation of voter privacy in elections.
  • Timely notice so all qualified candidates can apply for a position.

The Elections

X12 recently conducted a call for applicants for the officer positions listed below. All applicants were determined to be qualified to run for the office of their choice. The election ballot is open now and closes at midnight on Friday, September 29th, 2023. All offices filled during this election cycle are for a 2-year term, beginning October 12th, 2023.

Two election ballots are necessary for these elections because different voters are qualified to cast a ballot for the Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) officer positions and the subcommittee task and work group officer positions.

Election results will be announced during the Fall 2023 Standing meeting in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The Candidates

The following groups are conducting elections. Applicants for the Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) officer positions are required to submit a candidate statement. Click on the applicant’s name below to review their statement.

  • ASC Chair – Gary Beatty
  • ASC Vice-chair – LuAnn Hetherington
  • X12N TGB/WG10 Co-chair – LuAnn Hetherington (Exception approved by the X12N chair)
  • X12N TGB/WG15 Co-chair – Jeff Jennings
  • X12N TGB/WG22 Chair – Christopher Green
  • X12N TGB/WG23 Co-chair – Dave Collins
  • X12N TGB/WG23 Co-chair – Joel Prater
  • X12N TGC Chair – Joel Prater (Exception approved by the X12N chair)