Candidate Statement - LuAnn Hetherington - 2023

Vice-chair Candidate
LuAnn Hetherington, Highmark

My professional career in standards development goes back more than 30 years. I have been an active member of X12 since 1993 and have had the opportunity to participate in several subcommittees, including X12N, X12J and X12C. I have held the positions of ASC vice-chair and PRB chair for the past 8 years.

Fortunately, my experiences have been very broad but also very detailed. This has provided me with a heightened awareness of the critical need for the deployment, structured management, and enforcement of industry standards.

It's clear to me that leading these efforts requires a sound understanding of the bigger picture, a healthy reliance on useful and sensible processes, and the focus and endurance to work through the details.

I have played an integral role in the ASC’s initiatives and other policy and process enhancements, digging into the details to understand and enable the improvements. I’m proud of my professional and X12 accomplishments and track record. I believe that providing quality outcomes while being a responsive and supportive leader are at the core of what any organization aspires. The X12 organization provides the critical guidance and oversight needed to ensure continued success in the standards development process. The ASC officers strive to ensure that the needs of all industries are identified and met.

I’m confident that my years of professional experience, broad background, and intimate knowledge of the history, operations, and practices of X12 make me the ideal candidate for ASC vice-chair. I will continue to work closely with the X12 Board and ASC chair to assist and add value to both the ASC and the X12 organization, continuing the exceptional work and moving forward initiatives and plans critical to X12’s members.