Section title: Resources

RFIs Related to the K3 Segment

X12 implementation guides occasionally establish specific criteria for using the K3 segment to meet an unexpected data requirement on a short-term basis. Since the K3 segment’s usage is atypical, X12 provides this quick reference list of RFIs related to use of the K3 segment for the convenience of implementers, trading partners, and regulators.

RFI Title Supported?
2439Service Window on 837DNo
2387AUC MandateYes for 005010
2287BPR-02 vs. Actual Deposit AmtYes for 005010
2214NY NoFault Remit DataNo
2213NY NoFault DataNo
19382300 K3 for Ambulance DataNo
1886837P - Report repackaged NDCYes for 005010
17405010 K3 UsageNo
1595K3 Usage for Health Safety Net ClaimsYes, version not mentioned but implies 005010
1065Tooth information for 837PNo
1399Jurisdictional state 5010Yes for 004010, explicitly no for 005010
913837D 5010 Request for K3 UseYes for 005010