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X12 Announces First Interoperability Crosswalks

ARLINGTON, VirginiaJanuary 6, 2022X12, an ANSI-accredited standards development organization, announced today a joint collaboration resulting in the availability of the first interoperability crosswalks with HL7’s Da Vinci Project, a private sector initiative comprised of providers, payers and technology vendors. The collaboration ensures the health care industry has definitive crosswalks connecting the data in HL7® Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR®) transactions with the data in associated electronic data exchange (EDI) Standard transactions.

This initial crosswalk activity focuses on the Da Vinci Project’s Prior Authorization Support Implementation Guide (PAS). PAS provides a format for creating FHIR-based messages that, among other things, includes data necessary in both X12’s transactions and the crosswalks containing instructions for connecting data between the syntaxes.

According to Cathy Sheppard, X12’s Executive Director, “Pairing emerging and proven technologies in new ways presents opportunities for entities to better leverage their technology investments while meeting the needs of health care consumers. These crosswalks illustrate the importance of standardizing the connections between complementary standards and X12’s mandated standards.”

The following X12 implementation guides contain crosswalking information readily accessible via Glass, X12’s subscription-based online viewer:

  • 005010X215 The Health Care Services Review Inquiry and Response Implementation Guide (278)
  • 005010X217 The Health Care Services Review Request and Response Implementation Guide (278)
  • 006020X316 Additional Information to Support a Health Care Services Review (275)

X12 and the Da Vinci Project will continue to collaborate on activities that support the health care industry’s use of these complementary syntaxes including more FHIR-centric crosswalks and X12-centric mapping.


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