Section title: News

Roundtable Discussion with HIPAA Recommendation Proof of Concept Participants

Recognizing the need for pilot testing, X12 solicited its licensing partners, looking for volunteers to participate in a Proof of Concept Program (PoC, aka pilot) testing for the versions of its transactions put forward for adoption under HIPAA. The 12 volunteer organizations represent the main stakeholder groups; payers, providers, clearinghouses, and software vendors, with the group operating under anti-trust and NDA protection.

As previously referenced, the PoC's collectivegroup defined technical objectives, testing categories, and milestones. Participants today continue to work through the first two and sixth testing categories – X12 Standard validation, Implementation Guide validation, and Cross-version Compatibility. Activities center on defining specific test scenarios that confirm the new version doesn’t disrupt what works effectively in 005010, cross-version compatibility between related transactions, and providing guidance on areas of focus for implementers when transitioning to the new version.

Over the past few months, the PoC group has honed in on identifying potential operational and technical challenges related to data element length and qualifier changes between the two versions. The reason is that some changes could create challenges for implementers when relying on related transactions with different versions or who are undergoing a transition period to the new version.

With this in mind, X12 will host an in-person roundtable discussion with several  PoC program participants on Thursday, June 6th at 1:30 PM local time during the X12 Summer 2024 Standing Meeting in Jacksonville. We invite you to register for the Standing Meeting and attend this session on the meeting page.