Section title: News

Update on the X12 Proof of Concept Program Related to its NCVHS Recommendations

Recognizing the need for pilot testing, X12 solicited its licensing partners, looking for volunteers to participate in a Proof of Concept program (PoC or pilot) testing the versions of its transactions put forward for adoption under HIPAA. Twelve volunteer organizations represent the main stakeholder groups; payers, providers, clearinghouses, and software vendors and the group operates under anti-trust and NDA protection.

The group’s initial objectives included evaluating the viability of executing a meaningful PoC program, defining the initial scope, milestones, and potential constraints. Following this, the group defined its more detailed objectives:

  • Verifying the transactions work as expected and don’t break something that worked in 005010
  • Defining the initial scope, milestones, and resource constraints
  • Validating the expected business benefits are realized
  • Identifying unexpected obstacles and potential solutions or mitigation options
  • Estimating implementation/transition costs
  • Documenting and disseminating results

The group provided an update in June 2023 and again in August 2023 on its progress and challenges.

The X12 PoC group will be meeting during the upcoming X12 Fall Standing Meeting in Cincinnati, Ohio. There are no meeting fees for X12 members to participate in the standing meeting and additional meeting information is available online at:

If you have questions or feedback regarding X12’s PoC program, please complete the online feedback form and select “HIPAA Recommendations – Current” as the category.