By Industry

X12 standards are the workhorse of business to business exchanges proven by the billions of daily transactions within and across many industries including the following:

Two business people chatting in a building lobby


Financial e-business models and services including credit card processing, financial remittance delivery, invoicing, and payments.

Sample work products:

  • Transaction Sets: Credit/Debit Adjustment (812), Payment Order/Remittance Advice (820), Financial Return (827)
  • Subcommittee: X12F 
A hospital administrator smiling

Health Care

Health insurance activities including those undertaken by commercial and government health care organization.

Sample work products:

An insurance agent inspecting a vehicle accident


Insurance industry business activities, including those related to property and casualty insurance.

Sample work products:

  • Transaction Sets: Motor Vehicle Insurance Coverage Notification (811), Automobile Property Record Change Notification (266), Mortgagee Notification, Billing, and Payment (811/820)
  • Code lists: Property & Casualty Code Lists
  • Subcommittee: X12N
Warehouse worker scanning product inventory

Supply Chain

Supply chain industry's business activities from sourcing to delivery, including distribution, inventory, marketing data, materials, procurement, production planning, sales, scheduling, trading partners, and warehouses.

Sample work products:

  • Transaction Sets: Invoice (820), Inventory Status (846), Purchase Order (850), Ship Notice/Manifest (ASN) (856)
  • Subcommittee: X12M
A rail manager verifying cargo


Transportation industry’s business activities, including air, marine, rail, motor freight, customs, logistics and multi-modal activities.

Sample work products:

  • Transaction Sets: Motor Carrier Freight Details and Invoice (210), Transportation Carrier Shipment Status Message (214), Rail Carrier Shipment Information (404)
  • Subcommittee: X12I
Soldier managing cargo shipments


Defense worldwide logistics support in both peacetime and wartime to the military services as well as several civilian agencies and foreign countries.

Sample work products:

  • Transaction Sets: Purchase Order (850), Warehouse Shipping Order (940), Warehouse Shipping Advice (945)
  • Subcommittee: X12M and X12I