Section title: X12 EDI Examples
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ASC X12 Version: 008030 | Transaction Set: 278 | TR3 ID: 008030X328

Example 05 - Negative Acknowledgment (BHT02 = 44)

The notification receiver must return a negative acknowledgment if it detects invalid or missing data at the Event, or Service level of the notification. The negative acknowledgment must identify the reasons for rejection in the AAA segment at the appropriate level. The following example demonstrates an acknowledgment indicating that the notification contained errors at the Service level.

Transmission Explanation


The negative acknowledgment echoes back event or service level identification information from the notification. It indicates that the service dates on the notification are not within the provider plan enrollment for the service provider assigned in Loop 2000E. It returns the date in question and the certification number provided in the HCR02 field of the notification.