Section title: X12 EDI Examples
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ASC X12 Version: 005010 | Transaction Set: 837 | TR3 ID: 005010X223

Example 02: Property and Casualty

Healthcare Bill to Property & Casualty Payer

The requirements for submitting of Healthcare bills to Property & Casualty payers are presented here.

837 Transaction Set

Healthcare bills can be submitted to a Property & Casualty (P&C) payer. Because coverage is triggered by a specific event, certain information is critical to the billing process.

P&C bills must include both the bill information as well as the information related to the event that caused the injury or illness. Information concerning the event is necessary to associate a bill with the P&C claim.

P&C insurance is governed by State Insurance Regulations, Departments of Labor, Worker’s Compensation Boards, or other jurisdictionally defined entities, which often mandates compliance with Jurisdiction-specific procedures.

The Business Need: Provider to P&C Payer Bill Transmission

  • The date of accident/occurrence/onset of symptoms (Date of Loss) is a critical piece of information and must always be transmitted in the "Date - Accident" DTP segment within Loop ID-2300 (Claim loop).
    The Date of Loss is used to determine the eligibility of coverage.
  • The unique identification number, referred to in P&C as a claim number, must be provided. The claim number is transmitted in the REF segment of Loop ID-2010BA if the patient is the subscriber or in the REF segment of Loop ID-2010CA if the patient is not the subscriber.

Without a date of loss on the bill and claim number, the bill will incomplete and may be rejected.