Section title: X12 EDI Examples
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ASC X12 Version: 004010 | Transaction Set: 997 | TR3 ID: 004010X363

Example 01: Basic Functional Acknowledgment – Accepted

XYZ Aircraft Parts is acknowledging 3 purchase orders from ABC Aerospace Corporation that were transmitted in one Functional Group with a GS Control Number of 11. XYZ Aircraft Parts has processed and accepted the three orders. XYZ Aircraft Parts will send ABC Aerospace Corporation a 997 Functional Acknowledgment, which will not contain any line item detail. No further action is required by ABC Aerospace Corporation.

Transmission Explanation

Table 1


Indicates the start of the transaction set and assigns a transaction set control number of 0001.


Purchase Order Functional Group number 11 is being acknowledged.


The Functional Group was Accepted. There were 3 transactions in the Functional Group, with 3 received and 3 accepted.


Indicates that transaction set control number 0001 has ended with a total of 4 segments.