Section title: X12 EDI Examples
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ASC X12 Version: 004010 | Transaction Set: 865 | TR3 ID: 004010X362

Example 02: Rejected PO Change or Release – No Detail, Further Action is Required

ABC Aerospace Corporation has sent an 860 Purchase Order Change to XYZ Supplier for three line items on PO number XX-1234.  XYZ Supplier has processed and rejected the content of the 860 Purchase Order Change.  XYZ will send ABC the following 865 PO Change Acknowledgment/Request – Seller Initiated transaction with an Acknowledgment Type code of ‘RJ’ Rejected without Detail (no detail lines are returned/no POC loop).

XYZ expects ABC to send a revised 860 Purchase Order change transaction or follow-up with an 850 PO Cancellation to close the order. 

Transmission Explanation

Table 1


Indicates the start of a purchase order (PO) change / acknowledgment transaction set with control number 0001.


Indicates that the transaction set purpose code (11) is a Response to purchase order number XX-1234. The acknowledgment code type is ‘RJ’ Rejected without detail/no POC loop. The change order sequence number being acknowledged is 1. The purchase order date is April 11, 2019, pertaining to contract number AE123.


The supplier contact is James McPherson who may be reached at telephone number 877-405-3376.


The supplier is XYZ Supplier.

Table 3


Indicates that the PO change/acknowledgment contains no line items.


Indicates that the PO change/acknowledgment, with transaction set control number 0001, has ended with a total of 6 segments.


ST*865*0001~BCA*11*RJ*XX1234**1*20190411*AE123~PER*SU*JAMES MCPHERSON*TE*877-405-3376~N1*SU*XYZ SUPPLIER~CTT*0~SE*6*0001~