Section title: X12 EDI Examples
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ASC X12 Version: 004010 | Transaction Set: 840 | TR3 ID: 004010X354

Example 1: Basic Request For Quotation

ABC Aerospace Corporation is negotiating to order 1 line item from Supplier XYZ to be shipped via established delivery methods. ABC will send the following request for quote information to XYZ.

Transmission Explanation

Table 1


Indicates the start of a request for quotation transaction set and assigns a control number.


Indicates that this is an original request for quote, requested on March 1, 2017 with a reference number of RFQ1234.

PER*BD*ED SMITH*TE*8001234567~

Indicates that the name of the Buyer is Ed Smith, and his telephone number is (800) 123-4567.


Provides state tax exempt ID 53247765.

N1*BY*ABC AEROSPACE*9*123456789-0101~

Indicates that the buyer is ABC Aerospace. ABC's D-U-N-S+4 number is 123456789-0101.


Provides additional name content for the buyer.

N3*1000 JET BLVD~

The buyer's street address is 1000 Jet Blvd.


The buyer's city, state, and ZIP is Fighter Town, CA 98898.

N1*SE*XYZ Corp.*92*SDB04321~

Indicates that the seller is XYZ Corporation. XYZ's identification number, assigned by the buyer, is SDB04321.

Table 2


Indicates Baseline item 1 is a request for quote for 25 units with the manufacturer's part number listed as XYZ-1234.


Indicates that the 25 units are requested to arrive by May 15, 2017.

Table 3


Indicates that the request for quotation contained 1 line item.


Indicates that the request for quotation, with transaction set control number 0001, has ended with a total of 13 segments.


ST*840*0001~BQT*00*RFQ1234*20170301****01~PER*BD*ED SMITH*TE*8001234567~TAX*53247765*SP*CA*********9~N1*BY*ABC AEROSPACE*9*123456789-0101~N2*AIRCRAFT DIVISION~N3*1000 JET BLVD~N4*FIGHTER TOWN*CA*98898~N1*SE*XYZ Corp.*92*SDB04321~PO1*1*25*EA***MG*XYZ-1234~SCH*25*EA***002*20170515~CTT*1~SE*13*0001~