Section title: X12 EDI Examples
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ASC X12 Version: 004010 | Transaction Set: 810 | TR3 ID: 004010X348

Example 02: Credit Card Invoice

A bank is invoicing ABC Aerospace Corporation for items purchased using a Credit Card.

Transmission Explanation

Table 1


Indicates the start of an invoice transaction set and assigns a control number.


Indicates this original consolidated invoice was created on May 13, 2000 and assigned invoice number 39876980601170600. The invoice is in response to a purchase order sent on May 6, 2000 with purchase order number 767124 and release number 6543214666601234.

N1*RI*US BANK*92*290448~

Indicates that the remit to party is US Bank. US Bank's identification number, assigned by the buyer, is 290448.


Indicates that discounts are not applicable, the terms period is the invoice date, and the net days due is 14.

Table 2


Indicates that the purchase order's line number was 1. The invoice is for 1 unit costing $170.60 each for vendor's specification number 654321234002345.

Table 3


Indicates that the total invoice amount is $170.60.


Indicates that the invoice contained 1 line item.


Indicates that the invoice, with transaction set control number 0001, has ended with a total of 8 segments.


ST*810*0001~BIG*20000513*39876980601170600*20000506*767124*6543214666601234**CI*00~N1*RI*US BANK*92*290448~ITD*05*3*****14~IT1*1*1*EA*170.6**VX*654321234002345~TDS*17060~CTT*1~SE*8*0001~