X12N Chair Election Candidate Statements

Most of the applicants for X12N officer positions are running unopposed and will be confirmed via a consent motion at the upcoming Standing Meeting. There are two candidates for the X12N Chair position, that election will be conducted via an electronic ballot. The candidates have provided statements for your consideration in advance of the ballot period.

Doreen Espinoza

It has been my honor and a privilege to represent and serve you for the last two years as your X12N Chair.  When I was elected  two years ago my goals were simple:

  • Simplify our Change Management processes.
  • Create solutions to remove roadblocks.
  • Listen to and develop ideas provided by our volunteers.

Together we have accomplished all this and more. From a work product perspective we have completed and published eleven Technical Reports. Administratively we have revised and adopted our Constitution. From an operations perspective we have drafted a process flow for the new X12 Maintenance Request (MR) process. Technically we have moved 7030 work to 8010. To date we have seen more folks step up and volunteer for subcommittee tasks.

We have achieved all this in the face of adversity.  The pandemic, the attack on the X12 technical resources, weather related incidents, and learning how to conduct successful virtual standing meetings.  Our resilience has demonstrated to the healthcare industry and the administration that we are committed to being proactive and that we can and will meet the needs of the industry in a timely manner with quality products, even under the most stressful conditions.

I'm pleased that my leadership skills meshed so successfully with your ideas and suggestions to move the subcommittee forward in so many positive ways. And we still have opportunities to explore and work left to do:

  • Promote our updated implementation guides for adoption.
  • Continue to develop X12N specific steps that support the new MR process, including formalizing the procedures.
  • Continue to provide strong leadership to move X12N and X12, the organization forward into the future.

Together we can work collaboratively and successfully to continue meeting the needs of the Insurance-related industries effective and efficiently. I hope you will support my reelection so that we can see our initiatives through to implementation while also being open to new opportunities. If I am elected to another term, I will continue to put X12, X12N, and the X12N constituents first, to listen to your recommendations, and to rely on your expertise. I ask for, and appreciate, your vote so that I can continue to serve for another term.

Laurie Burckhardt

On January 27th, I will be with WPS Health Solutions for 35 years, 30 of which have been in EDI.  I have been an active constituent in X12 since January 2001 and have held various leadership positions within X12N.  I was a co-chair of the Claims Information Work Group and the convener of the Entity Work group.  I represented X12N during the development of the Attachment Collaboration Paper (ACP) with HL7 and WEDI.  I facilitated X12N development deliberations on topics such as the potential inclusion of credit cards in the 835 Payment/Advice TR3,  the addition of the Health Plan ID in TR3s and the inclusion of Unique Device Identifier (UDI).  Most recently, I have led the work to bring the X12N 007030 TR3s to completion.  Over the next 2 years, I would like to see full implementation  of the new Maintenance Request, previously Change Request, process for the next version of the  TR3s, along with collaborating with all X12N constituents and the industry to determine the most appropriate version to move forward for consideration to be adopted under HIPAA.