Section title: Requests for Interpretation
5010 837 Line Item Referral No

Page 12 of the 5010 837I TR3 makes reference to Loop 2400 REF(9F) – Referral Number. I would think that this would be a Service Line Referral Number that would supersede a referral number given at the claim level in Loop 2300 (see page 163). However, I cannot find any REF segment in the 2400 Loop that will accommodate a qualifier of 9F. Is there such a thing as a Service Line Referral Number supported by 5010 837I? If not, then why does the TR3 note for the Loop 2300 REF(9F) suggest that the it does exist?

RFI Response

The TR3 Notes were placed in the institutional 5010X223A1 in error for Loop 2300 Referral Number and Prior Authorization Number REF Segments. In addition, the same error occurred in COB crosswalk references on page 12. These references and TR3 notes will be removed in a future version of the guide.