Section title: Requests for Interpretation
Clarification on how to correctly parse edi messages using the ISX release character

1. The release char is specified in the ISX segment. Should it be used for parsing the message immediately after it has been read including in the remainder of the ISX segment? For example - if an edi document uses '-' as the element separator and "?" as the release character should a value of 'US?-ASCII' be allowed in ISX-02?
Or should the release character only be used when parsing data between the ISX and the IEA segment but not including the ISX and IEA?

2. Is it valid to say that an edi message must not use a a character for a release if it has already been used as one of the delimiters? It would be difficult to decide how parsing should proceed otherwise.


This is relevant to builder a parser and validator for x12 edi messages.

RFI Response

Answer for Question 1:

The Interchange Control Structure, in section A.6 reads in part:

"X12 Encoding applies to the data stream beginning with the Functional Group to the end of the interchange."

Answer for Question 2:

The Interchange Control Structure, in section A.5 reads in part:

Because of the potential conflicts with either the data elements or with special uses in transmission and device control, the following recommendations are provided for the delimiter character selection.