Section title: Requests for Interpretation
Release Character default value "!" and ISA version 00401

Does the default release character value "!" apply to ISA version 00401? Section X12.5 Interchange Control Structure document date January 2022. Includes the release character and a default value = ! but does not identify a specific version of X12 or the ISA for the release character default value to be used. Since the 004010 Standard no longer contains section X12.5 or information in this section, it is assumed that Section X12.5 applies to all the standards listed in Glass.


The segment contains the release character before the segment terminator with ISA version 00401.

PID*F**ZZ*XYZZ*I'm in a hurry!~

If the Release Character applies, then the next segment AMT would actually become part of the PID segment 

PID*F**ZZ*XYZZ*I'm in a hurry!~AMT*AD*100~

RFI Response

The answer is no because the ISX data element that specifies a release character wasn’t available until version 007040. However, if you have a 007040 envelope around a 004010 transaction set, you could specify a release character.

ISA 00401