Section title: Requests for Interpretation
Situational note in 2010AA references a REF segment in 2010BB that doesn't exist in the guide

The TR3 note #2 in 2010AA NM1 states "Proprietary identifiers necessary for the receiver to identify the entity are to be reported in the Loop ID-2010BB REF, Billing Provider Secondary Identification Segment " however there is no REF segment in the 2010BB loop, and it relates to the Data Receiver.  It appears this is a typo, and the note should reference 2010AA.  Was the intent to follow the same guideline as is stated in the HIPAA 005010X224 TR3 where the Billing Provider Secondary identifier becomes required when no NPI is not reported in 2010AA NM109.


Clarification on TR3 note when 2010AA NM109 is not used and where to report the secondary Provider ID

RFI Response

This is a typographical error and should have pointed to the 2010AA REF Billing Provider Secondary Identification segment.  The intent of that sentence in the TR3 Note was that if the Receiver required proprietary identifiers, those proprietary identifiers were to be sent in the REF Billing Provider Secondary Identification.  This requirement about the receiver requiring proprietary identifiers is independent of whether there is a NPI for the Billing Provider.  This TR3 Note was corrected in MR 123.

RFI Recommendation

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