Section title: Requests for Interpretation
Zero value for service unit count (837)

Is it compliant with the TR3 to send zero value for service unit count, 2400/SV205?


The main question if zero value is allowed/compliant with TR3 or not and should such data be rejected with either 999 or 277CA.

RFI Response

It is compliant with the 837 Professional and 837 Institutional 5010 TR3’s to send a zero value as the service unit count. X12 cannot comment on the business decision to accept or reject when a zero value service unit count is submitted. If the business determination is to reject when a zero value is submitted, it would be appropriate to report the rejection as a claim status update via the 277CA implementation guide.

RFI Recommendation

This has been addressed in future versions of the 837 Professional and Institutional implementation guides as part of the service unit count data element note, “A zero or negative value is not allowed.”