Section title: Requests for Interpretation
867- qty qual for price adjustment/rebill

We are sending a sales report 867 on two items where the price was corrected to a lower amount. On the corrected sales order, we included two credit lines (QTY*75) to back out the wrong price and two debit lines (QTY*32) to show the revised selling price. The invoice had an overall credit amount of -8.16 and the 867 showed "REF*CM" for credit memo. Our Vendor says that the debited items should not be included on this one 867 transaction but on a separate sales order altogether with REF*IV. I do not see anything in the X12 specs showing that only one QTY type can be on a a single transaction. Please provide your interpretation.

RFI Response

The purpose and scope statement of the 867 transaction states that the transaction set can be used to “(1) report information about product that has been transferred from one location to another; (2) report sales of product from one or more locations to an end customer; or (3) report sales of a product from one or more locations to an end customer, and demand beyond actual sales (lost orders).” 

The transaction set has been structured to support various industries and business practices for the reporting of product transfers and sales. The QTY loop, with the subordinate LIN segment, can be repeated as necessary to report the sales quantity and identification of a product. However, the QTY01 Quantity Qualifier selected must be appropriate to the transaction purpose and scope.  

In the scenario presented, the quantity of the products sold is correct, but the prices are not.  Inclusion of a REF*CM credit memo as a reference to the two sets of product QTY loops – one each to credit and debit the product price – is not within the purview of this transaction and would not direct the processing of the QTY lines to adjust the products’ prices. The scenario presented is inappropriate for the transaction set.
The core functionality of the transaction pertains to reporting the quantity of products transferred and sold.  Product price, while important, is not a requirement. 

The products’ prices should have been corrected using a transaction other than the 867 transaction set. The most relevant transactions include the 810 Invoice, 832 Price/Sales Catalog, 879 Price Information, employ an 812 Debit/Credit transaction to adjust the price information or transmit an updated/clean 867 transaction with only the correct pricing.