Section title: Requests for Interpretation
Date for professional component of diagnostic service 837P

Is there a data field, other than what we think of as "DOS" that tells us the date when the diagnostic service Physically took place?

Is there any data available on the 837 transaction on that professional claim that reports the 3/1/2021 date when the actual diagnostic service was physically done?


An example would be a Diagnostic service is rendered on 3/1/2021. The Date of Service (DOS) billed for this technical service is 3/1/2021. The professional who interprets the results does their work on 3/3/2021. The DOS billed for the professional component of service is 3/3/2021.

RFI Response

The Service Date at the 2400 loop is the only date available.  Providers should refer to payer’s companion guide or policy regarding billing professional and technical components.  It is outside X12’s purview to comment on a payer’s companion guide or policies.

RFI Recommendation

If this is functionality that is needed for your business and is not currently supported in a published TR3, submit an X12 maintenance request at