Section title: Requests for Interpretation
278N Notification and Acknowledgment - Reference numbers

In the 278 notification & acknowledgment spec, specifically for the acknowledgment, the service Administrative Reference number indicates the receiver is the source of truth (i.e. they can send their own value in this loop), which is what we’d expect. The event Administrative Reference number uses different language suggesting we should echo what the sender sent us, making revisions impossible. How should these fields be used? Is the receiver the source of truth for both levels?


Guidance on how to generate a valid acknowledgment when receiving a 278 notification.

RFI Response

Use the value of 33 = input error in the AAA03.  In a future version, we will consider adding the AAA 91 code value along with changing the HCR segment situational rule to be used to identify rejection reasons.  In the next version of the guide, an MSG segment has been added at the event and service levels to allow for further qualification of the reason for rejection, (ie. The request has been rejected due to duplication). 

The notification receipt number is generally used to indicate the transaction was successfully processed in the receiver’s system.  This number can be used in subsequent transactions as needed.  Usually, the notification receipt number is not sent when the transaction has been rejected.