Section title: Requests for Interpretation
NM1 Segment of 2010EA Loop

We understand that this Loop can be repeated 12 times. The question we have is, can this be repeated with the same Identifier code in the NM101? Or is the intent that it can be repeated 12 times with different identifiers?


An example would be submitting:
NM1*DN*1 - representing the actual provider (aka person) in addition to sending an additional segment loop representing the Location and department of the referring entity
NM1*DN*2*location info
NM1*DN*2*department info

RFI Response

Loop 2010EA allows for a repeat of 14 which equals the total number of identified NM101 values. Only one instance of each code is allowed.
The scenario provided would not be valid as it is providing different information on the same entity across unique iterations of the loop as if they are three unique providers. Unique iterations of the 2010EA loop are intended to represent unique providers. The TR3 does not explicitly prohibit repeating a qualifier for a segment within the same repeating loop, however. RFI 1838 and RFI 2069 similarly address the scenario of repeating qualifiers for reference.

RFI Recommendation

It is strongly recommended that submitters not use the same qualifier multiple times for segments in the same loop. If using the same qualifier to present different providers, submitters must recognize that receivers may not know which repetition of the data to use and/or that data may actually be overlaid as subsequent repetitions of the qualifier are processed.