Section title: Requests for Interpretation
278 Response with details when AAA is sent at higher levels

When the 278 response transaction is sent back with AAA segment at UMO level (loop 2000A) with reason code 42 in AAA03 (unable to respond at current time), is it allowed to send back other HL levels from Requestor to Service (from 2000B to 2000E)? Situational rules at HL segments/loops are not very specific.   In particular, the question is about proper use of 2000E or 2000F loops where notes require use of either HCR or AAA segment if loop is used:

"2. If Loop 2000E is present in the response, either the AAA segment or the HCR segment must be returned in loop 2000E."

RFI Response

If a AAA segment is sent at the 2000A with a code value of 42, then the subsequent loops should not be sent back in the response.