Section title: Requests for Interpretation
QTY (837I)

Loop 2300 QTY is referenced in 837 I/P 4010 (Table of Contents and the 837 Health Care Claim). The QTY is referenced in 5010 Header tables, but not in the Healthcare claim information (the body of the implementation guide which provides the guidance. Was QTY being removed or added to the 5010 837I/P. The 5010 Loop 2300 QTY; the documentation is not completed. 005010X223A1 / 005010X22A1      837I , 5010 companion guide Page 63.  I was able to locate the QTY referenced/guidance via Loop 2300 in 4010 837I implementation guide, but wasn’t able to locate the guidance within the implementation guide for 837I 5010.

RFI Response

All information previously submitted in the QTY segment is now supported via Value Codes.
The QTY segment is part of the version 005010 Standard but it is not used in the HIPAA adopted TR3s.  The TR3 for the 837 Institutional transaction v005010X223A2 Section 2.3 provides both the X12 Standard as well as the Implementation set(s).  The Implementation transaction set listing is the guideline mandated by HIPAA for these EDI transactions.  The other is for reference.  The QTY segment was never used as part of the 837 Professional transaction.
The use of the QTY segment was discontinued with the adoption of version 005010.  The information that was submitted in the QTY segment in version 004010 is now submitted using Code Set 132 published by National Uniform Billing Committee (NUBC) in the 2300 Loop,  HI – Value Information segment.  Please contact NUBC for more information about this Code Set.
re information about this Code Set.