Section title: Requests for Interpretation
Additional Payee Idnetifier

Considering the 835 TR3 front matter definition of “Payee” (section 1.5), and the glossary definition of “Additional Payee Identifier”, can an “Additional Payee Identifier” in the 1000B REF02 be a value that represents something other than a payee organization or individual when REF01 is PQ? In addition, must it represent the same entity (payee) that is already identified in the 1000B N104?

Is the 1000B REF02 considered compliant if the value cannot be used to separately identify an individual, group provider, or organization when REF01 is PQ? More specifically, is it compliant when the REF02 contains a concatenated value or data set that stipulates payee related items such as the ERA destination, payment type, payment destination and grouping info?

RFI Response

The 1000B N1 Payee Identification segment TR3 note clearly states that this segment is used to provide the name, address, and identification information of the payee.Payees are identified in the TR3 as Actual providers and/or their agents.

The 1000B REF Payee Additional Identification segment is required when identification of the payee is dependent upon an identification number beyond that supplied in the 1000B N1 segment, and clearly refers to the same entity or organization that is referenced in the 1000B N1. The only information that can be supplied as additional identifiers is the information specified by the qualifiers in REF01. When REF01 = PQ, the REF02 can only be a specific additional identifier number that refers to the entity specified in the 1000B N1. While the specific additional identifier number can be an alphanumeric value, it can only be an identification number that refers to the payee identified in the 1000B N1. Other values, like ERA destination, payment type, payment destination, and grouping information have discrete data locations within the 835 and must be reported within those data elements.