Section title: Requests for Interpretation
X214 TRN02 2200B

We have a client that states that in the X214 277CA response they can't populate the TRN02 value in loop 2200B with the BHT03 value of the 837
They are inquiring as to whether or not they can use 'dummy' data?
is this an acceptable alternative?
we feel that the guide is clear and that the information for the TRN02 should come from the BHT03 of the 837. Can you advise?


This issue is explicitly addressed in the 005010X214 - 277 Claim Acknowledgment (277CA).  The 2200B TRN is a required segment that is used by the provider to link the 277CA to a specific 837. The 2200B TRN TR3 Note and the 2200B TRN02 element note both explicitly state the data in this segment/element 'contains the value submitted in the BHT03 data element of the 837'.
Submitting 'dummy data' in the 2200B TRN segment/TRN02 element does not meet the requirements of the 277CA.