Section title: Forms

Request to Establish ECO or CMG Constituent Status

The External Code Organization (ECO) subcommittee and some of its Code Maintenance Group (CMGs) permit X12 member representatives to request constituent status after meeting certain qualifying requirements. In these groups, constituent status is granted to the individual member representative, not to the X12 member. Other CMGs operate as a Defined Representative Voting Panel, these CMGs do not convey constituent status via qualifying requirements or by request. See External Code Lists (CAP12) for more information on qualifying requirements and CMG operating methodologies.

If you are an X12 member representative who has met the qualifying requirements established for constituents of the ECO or CMG02, you may submit this form to register an interest in being recognized as a constituent in one of those groups. The ECO or CMG chair will contact you after your qualifications are reviewed.

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