Section title: Forms

Request to Change an ECO or CMG Constituent or Alternate

The External Code Organization (ECO) subcommittee oversees several Code Maintenance Groups (CMGs). Some of those CMGs operate as a Defined Representative Voting Panel, these CMGs convey stakeholder status to a defined group of materially interested X12 groups and external organizations. In turn, each stakeholder names a constituent to represent their interests in the CMG. Some CMGs permit stakeholders to name an alternate who is recognized in the absence of the constituent. See External Code Lists (CAP12) for more information on CMG operating methodologies.

If you are authorized to speak for a CMG stakeholder, you may submit this form to identify the constituent authorized to represent the stakeholder in a specific CMG and an alternate if alternates are recognized in the CMG. If you are a constituent representing a CMG stakeholder and alternates are recognized in the CMG, you may submit this form to identify an alternate to speak for the CMG stakeholder in your absence.

The ECO or CMG chair will contact the submitter, constituent, and alternate when applicable after the information submitted is reviewed and confirmed.

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