Section title: Forms

ASC Officer Application Form

The deadline to submit this form was 8/16/2021. Nominations are closed.

X12’s Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) will conduct elections for its Chair and Vice-chair positions this fall. Individuals who wish to be considered for inclusion on the Chair slate or the Vice-chair slate must apply using the form below. Applications are being accepted until 11:59 pm on 8/16/21.

The qualifications for each office are listed to the right. An individual must apply on their own behalf. Applicants will be reviewed by a selection committee and qualified candidates will be included on the election slate.

To apply complete the form below. Submission of the form signifies agreement that the information submitted, excepting email address and phone number, will be shared by X12 member representatives as necessary to conduct the vetting and balloting activities.

All the fields listed below are required. The information submitted will be included on the ballot as the applicant’s candidate statement. No other information will be requested or accepted for presentation to voters.