Section title: Licensing Program

Licensing Partner: FIS Global

FIS Global

In cooperation with X12 and its publisher, Washington Publishing Company, FIS Connexion customers have the ability to access X12 meta data through the Connexion product. FIS supports the development of consensus-based data exchagne standards through ANSI-accredited cross-industry associations such as X12 and offers transaction implementation tools such as the Connexion product and SuperEye utility containing X12 intellectual property. FIS and X12 have reached an agreement that allows FIS Connexion customers to continue using the X12 materials within the FIS tools for a discounted subscription fee. Through this initiative, FIS Connexion customers with an active X12 subscription can use and reference their X12 libraries through the FIS Connexion software. FIS Connexion customers must obtain a subscription through X12's online store for an annual fee of $180 in order to continue to utilize the X12 data within the software.

To purchase a subscription, contact WPC: 425.562.2245 or email: