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X12’s Fall 2020 Standing Meeting – Virtual Participation Instructions

As previously announced, the Fall 2020 Standing Meeting will be conducted virtually from October 4 through October 14, 2020. Advance meeting registration is required for participation and we appreciate your patience as we all work through this new process together.

Session Schedule

The meeting schedule is posted for your review. You’ll need to review the schedule and decide which sessions you will attend before completing the registration form below. Most of the sessions at an X12 Standing Meeting are working sessions, not presentations. X12 groups have a lot to do during Standing meetings and it isn’t possible to avoid scheduling overlap between groups so you will not be able to attend all the sessions of every group. Once you’ve selected the sessions you will attend, make a note of the group’s name or id as you will need that information to complete the registration form.

Meeting Registration

Registration is only open through September 25, 2020. Registrations will not be accepted after the deadline and you cannot participate in any Standing Meeting sessions unless you have registered. Some sessions may fill early, so don’t procrastinate.

When you complete the registration form, you’ll need to check the participation box for each group you noted when you reviewed the session schedule and determined the sessions you would attend. Checking the box registers you to attend one or more sessions for the selected group, you do not need to register for the individual sessions separately. Only select the group(s) whose sessions you intend to attend, this will enhance the meeting experience for everyone and help X12 keep meeting costs down.

As always, there is no meeting fee for X12 member representatives. Pricing for non-member attendees varies based on the level of participation. X12 staff will contact non-members who submit a registration request to arrange for payment of the meeting fee.

As the registration period for this standing meeting is compressed, we will be sending weekly reminders. Once you register for the meeting, you won’t receive additional reminders.

If Your Plans Change

If you register and your plans change and you won’t be attending the sessions of one or more groups you registered to attend, please complete the Change in Plans form to let us know. Thanks in advance for helping to enhance the meeting experience for everyone and reduce unnecessary expenses.