Section title: News

X12’s Approach for Initial Recommendations

X12 is pleased to inform the health care industry that initial recommendations related to advancing the version of already mandated transactions coupled with the proposing of additional transactions for adoption are on their way. 

We are using a phased approach for the recommendations instead of presenting them all at once, which means we will provide a series of recommendations. Each recommendation will cover a set of related transactions and will include supporting information targeted to specific stakeholders, including highlights of major functionality enhancements, a high-level estimate of implementation costs, and other collateral.

Each set of supporting information will clarify the value of the recommended action and ease the path to adoption for the benefit of the industry. In addition to the information provided in the recommendations, X12’s licensing partners will be working with us on pilot testing that proves the value of the recommended transactions. Information about a pilot’s parameters and outcomes will be shared after each pilot.

X12 is planning to disseminate the first series of recommendations in the first quarter of this year, with other recommendations following at a regular cadence.

If you have questions, please submit them on the X12 Feedback form.