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X12 Sad News


I’m reaching out today with sad news. One of our beloved and valued X12ers, Laurie Burckhardt, has been taken from us too soon. Laurie passed away on Sunday afternoon, July 25, 2021, surrounded by her loved ones. 

Although Laurie is most closely associated with the ASC’s Insurance subcommittee, currently serving as the X12N chair, she is active and well-known in other X12 groups, including X12C, X12F, X12J, and X12M. In her long tenure with X12, Laurie has taken on many roles and assumed countless responsibilities, always giving all her energy, passion, and knowledge to ensuring X12’s products meet established and emerging business needs. Over the years, Laurie hasn’t cared about titles, recognition, or credit, only about achieving the right outcome at the right time. In 2014 Laurie received X12’s Earl “Buddy” Bass Achievement Award in recognition of her extraordinary contributions and in true Laurie fashion, she was shocked that people thought she’d done something above and beyond. 

Although Laurie was certainly a respected industry expert, what she is most known for is her optimism, joy, enthusiasm, and energy. She always had a suggestion or solution at the ready and she never shied away from the hard or tedious work that needed to be done.  Many of us will miss her tremendously, both professionally and personally.   

I know many of you feel the sense of sadness and loss I’m feeling today and that the X12 community will be keeping Laurie’s family and friends in their thoughts and prayers. X12 sent a token of our appreciation to Laurie earlier this month and we will send her husband Ed our formal condolences as well. If you want to send a card to her family, contact staff at and we’ll share the contact information.