Section title: News

X12 Member Representatives: Ransomware Attack Update

I wanted to provide a quick update on our effort to get X12’s web resources back online. The staff has been working hard to repair or recreate the impacted infrastructure, applications, and data so that we could begin redeploying applications in a new secure environment. We will continue that work in the coming days. We also continue to partner with external cybersecurity experts, working to decrypt the infected legacy systems.

A lot of progress has been made. Today we are happy to let you know that more secure versions of X12|ID and X12 Glass™ are now available for our member representatives at We have not announced this publicly yet and won’t until we work through a few minor technical issues that remain, but we want to get the tools and information in your hands now.

As you might expect, X12 Glass™ does not yet include all of the content that was available previously. We are carefully adding content to the application as it is verified as clean and upgraded for the new environment. Today you can access many of the TR3s and we will continue to add more content daily in the coming week.

We understand many of you depend on OnlyConnect for your subcommittee activities and we want you to know we are simultaneously working to restore the most critical OnlyConnect functions as quickly as possible in a new dedicated virtual server environment. We'll have more information on that next week.

In addition to the progress on the major functionality I’ve described above, we are enabling smaller-scale functionality every day. You can access the most current status information and other functions as they are enabled at I’ll also keep sending direct updates like this one so that you are all as informed as possible.  

Soon, we will return to the normal communication process that includes all X12 member representatives receiving a direct email; however, this email is being sent only to each member’s primary and alternate member representatives. If there are other member representatives under your membership, please communicate the information to them.

We remain committed to ensuring what you need is available in a more secure, robust, and scalable environment as quickly as possible.  If you have questions, you can send them to me on the feedback formand I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Thank you for your continued patience.

Cathy Sheppard
X12 Executive Director