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X12 Enters New Chapter Announcing neX12 Solutions to Help Organizations Leverage Standards Investment

neX12 opens the door for supply chain, transportation, health care and other industries to innovate by using X12's work in new ways to drive interoperable business solutions

ARLINGTON, VirginiaFebruary 12, 2020X12, a long-standing, ANSI-accredited and cross-industry standards development organization, announced today a new suite of solutions and processes to simplify the way organizations access and leverage their current investment in X12's work and  platforms. Three new solutions collectively called “neX12” give users a new level of visibility, interaction, and predictability in accessing the wealth of four decades of X12's standards development work that incorporates an expansive vocabulary of data elements and constructs.

neX12’s Glass, Bridge and ARC were presented to more than 200 member representatives at X12’s Winter 2020 Standing Meeting held the week of January 27th in Portland, Oregon. X12 members represent nearly 300 businesses, non-profit associations and government organizations spanning supply chain, transportation, health care, finance and other industries.

“For 40 years, X12 standards have served as the quiet workhorse of business-to-business data exchange and are ubiquitously incorporated in many major technology systems worldwide,” said Stephanie Fetzer, X12’s Board Chair. “neX12 represents a defining new chapter in enabling our users to unlock incredible value from their current investment in order to develop creative, interoperable solutions to complex business challenges.”

The neX12 solutions include:

  1. Glass─The online viewer provides an easy and convenient single point of web-based access to X12's work. Glass contains all available versions of the EDI Standard, Code Source Directory, Control Standards, EDI Standard Figures, Guidelines and most Technical Reports including HIPAA-mandated implementation guides.
  2. Bridge─A new solution to view and use X12's syntax neutral vocabulary and constructs that allows users to leverage their data in various ways for different purposes. For instance, Bridge allows users to build complementary solutions using APIs in other syntaxes such as XML and eventually JSON.
  3. ARC─With X12's move to an annual release cycle (ARC) for maintenance and publication of Technical Reports, interested stakeholders benefit from the increased predictability and consistency of incremental annual updates. The cycle begins with the simplification and centralization of the maintenance request submission process and results in an annual publication of X12 Technical Reports.

“This is a great step forward for X12. The Glass and Bridge solutions bring X12 back to the fingertips of the developers and implementers," added Charles Gardella of InterTrade Systems. "This more modern approach to reach the user community, along with the recently announced B2X subcommittee, positions X12 to remain an important constant in a rapidly changing electronic commerce landscape.”


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X12, chartered by the American National Standards Institute for more than 40 years, develops and maintains EDI standards and XML schemas which drive business processes globally. X12's diverse membership includes technologists and business process experts in health care, insurance, transportation, finance, government, supply chain and other industries. X12 members meet regularly to develop and maintain EDI standards that streamline and facilitate consistent electronic interchange of business transactions, such as order placement and processing, shipping and receiving information, invoicing, payment and cash application data. For more information, visit and

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