Section title: News

X12 Elects Subcommittee and Group Officers

Please join X12 in congratulating the following officers, each elected or re-elected for a 2-year term running through the Fall 2022 Standing meeting. 

Accredited Standards Committee Officers

  • X12I Transportation Subcommittee
    Doug Anderson, Kleinschmidt was re-elected as chair
  • X12M Supply Chain Subcommittee
    Steven Rosenberg, IM was re-elected as chair
    Rita Laur, GS1 Canada was re-elected as vice-chair
  • X12N Insurance Subcommittee
  • TGA WG1 Regulatory Advisory
    Mike Dennison, Change Healthcare was elected as a co-chair 
  • TGB Business Task Group
    Laurie Burckhardt, WPS was re-elected as a co-chair
    Laurie Woodrome, Lab Corp was re-elected as a co-chair
  • TGB WG3 Payment Information
    Meg Kutz, Anthem was re-elected as a co-chair
  • TGB WG6 Entity Information
    Gail Kocher, BCBSA was re-elected as chair
  • TGB WG15 Provider Information
    Eric Kirnbauer, Vyne Dental was re-elected as co-chair
  • TGC Technical Task Group
    Joel Prater was re-elected as a co-chair 

Registered Standards Committee Officers

  • X12-03 CMG03 Insurance Payment and Status CMG
    Nancy Spector, AMA was elected as vice-chair