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X12 Appoints ICD-11 Subject Matter Expert

The transition from ICD-10 to ICD-11 brings opportunities and challenges to the health care industry. It’s important that ANSI-Accredited Standards Developers (ASDs) and other industry associations collaborate and coordinate effectively, enabling a smooth rollout process and reducing costs.

“I am pleased to announce that X12’s Board has appointed Stanley Nachimson as X12’s first formal subject matter expert (SME),” said Cathy Sheppard, X12’s CEO. “He has actively participated in X12’s collaborative work for many years as both a technical contributor and a group leader. Stanley will serve as X12’s main point of contact, ensuring that X12 members’ perspectives and needs are considered in industry discussions and federal rulemaking. He will also be responsible for bringing information back to X12’s member representatives and for using feedback from the members to formulate X12’s positions related to the ICD-11 transition. I look forward to working with him in this new role.” 

Nachimson is well-known in the health care world as a knowledgeable resource with the tenacity to dig into a topic, lead and contribute to related discussions in many forums, and then champion the resulting consensus decisions. He brings a wealth of experience, great communication skills, an open mind, and a deep commitment to EDI standardization, interoperability, and innovation that makes the health care industry more efficient or effective. 

“The advent of ICD-11 in the United States will have a significant effect on the health care industry, and our standards will be depended upon to support the new codes and ease the burden on users. I am delighted to be the point person for X12 on this important initiative and will strive to keep members informed and aware of our efforts. I look forward to working with the industry to make sure that the transition will be successful,” remarked Nachimson.

Nachimson will work closely with X12 leaders including Tara Rose, chair of X12’s Insurance subcommittee (X12N), Gary Beatty, chair of X12’s Accredited Standards Committee (ASC), and Mary Kay McDaniel, chair of X12’s External Code Oversight subcommittee (ECO).

As X12’s ICD-11 SME, he is responsible for tracking ICD-11 collaborations, requirements, and implementations at the national and state levels and for representing X12’s interest in collaborative discussions. As part of those responsibilities, Nachimson will:

  • Focus on ICD-11 as it intersects with X12N-maintained products and identify certain or potential implications to other X12 subcommittees or code maintenance groups.
  • Survey X12 members, formally or informally, as needed to garner information to inform X12’s positions on ICD-11 related matters.
  • Draft proposals related to ICD-11 matters for X12 internal comment or ballot.
  • Present ICD-11 updates and reports to the X12 Board.
  • Present ICD-11 and to X12 committees or subcommittees as requested.

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