Section title: News

X12 Announces New Reference Tools

X12 is pleased to announce that two planned enhancements are now available on X12 member representatives, implementers, and other interested parties provided input and feedback as these reference tools were developed and they are enthusiastic about the tools usefulness going forward.  

EDI Standard Change Logs

X12 member representatives and implementers provided feedback that a summary of changes between versions of the EDI Standard would be helpful to their organizations as they move from one version of the EDI Standard to a later version. X12 listened and we’ve made online change logs available.

We’ve posted an 008020 to 008030 change log on for immediate use. Going forward, each time we publish a new version of the EDI Standard, we will also produce a change log comparing the new release to the previous release.

In addition to the change logs, we’ve posted a set of samples and a help page. The samples show how different types of changes look in the change log.  For example, if you wanted to see how changing a segment from mandatory to optional would be shown, you would navigate to the samples page, select the Transactions Set slider, and click on Segment Requirement Change. 

The change log and samples are available to X12 member representatives and other materially interested parties. The tools are available to subscribers via Glass, X12’s online viewer. To find the links, go to and click X12 EDI Standard*. The help page can be accessed directly here:

X12 EDI Standard+  Approved Maintenance that is Not Yet Published

The second reference tool we’ve made available will help X12 representatives who participate in our standards development activities. Since X12 conducts three MR ballots and six CMR batches every year to approve maintenance to the EDI Standard, which is published annually, X12 subcommittee participants need a way to keep track of revisions that have been approved for the next release. 

Going forward, X12 will maintain a web page showing the approved revisions that will be included in the next published version of the EDI Standard.  This reference tool is only available to X12 member representatives who have established an X12|ID. Member representatives can access the information on the “For Members” page on Once you are on the “For Members” page, scroll past the Important Dates information in the right column until you see the link, “008030+ X12 EDI Standard Content Approved but Not Published”. Click on those words to access the approved but not published revisions. 

The PLUS information is currently only available for the EDI Standard, a similar reference tool that will reflect maintenance approved for the next version of a technical report is planned and will be available at a later date.