Section title: News

Thanks to those that Participated in the Fall 2021 Standing Meeting and Looking Forward to the Winter 2021 Standing Meeting

The X12 Board and staff appreciate every X12 member representative and want to thank those that participated in the Fall 2020 Standing Meeting. Participants included collaborators, implementers, and advocates of the consensus-based, interoperable, syntax neutral data exchange standards powering global business to business exchange today and into the future.

For those that participated, I hope you enjoyed the Fall 2020 Standing Meeting, especially recognizing it was our first fully virtual Standing Meeting.

X12 hosted 74 sessions during this Standing Meeting with 365 individuals participating in those sessions. Your perspectives were important in these sessions and your consistent input drives successful collaboration, leading to effective standards. Thank you for contributing your expertise, especially through these unique times, and we appreciate your patience as we all work through this together.

The coronavirus continues to upend lives and activities around the globe. Considering the current COVID-19 situation and X12 leadership’s focus on the health and safety of our member representatives, the X12 Board of Directors has voted to conduct the next Winter Standing Meeting as a virtual Standing Meeting. This is not a precedent we plan follow and we fully intend to be back to in person Standing Meetings as soon as possible.

This means that the Standing Meeting, originally scheduled to be held in Denver, Colorado will be conducted via webinar. The meeting will be held over the scheduled dates, convening on January 24, 2021 and ending on February 3, 2021. Registration opens in December and all participants will need to register to attend. Information about registering for the Winter 2021 Standing Meeting will be sent to you via email, Twitter and LinkedIn once the session schedule is finalized.

We will miss seeing you in person in January and look forward to collaborating with you in person again as soon as possible. I hope you will be joining us in January as we continue the important work of standards development and maintenance.

Thank you for your continued participation and support as we all continue navigate these turbulent times.

Cathy Sheppard
X12 Executive Director