Section title: News

RSC|ECO|CMG03 – Chair Appointment

Mary Kay McDaniel, chair of the RSC's External Code List Oversight (ECO) Subcommittee recently announced the appointment of a new CMG03 chair. Elizabeth Templeton, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida, will serve a two-year term as the chair of the Insurance Payment and Status CMG, previously known as the Codes Committee.

The CMG03 chair position was vacant after the previous chair's term ended in June 2021 and per section 11.2 of X12's External Code List Policies (CAP12), the ECO chair appoints a qualified candidate to lead a CMG when its chair position is vacant.

Ms. McDaniel noted appreciation for the outgoing chair, "On behalf of the ECO and the RSC, I want to thank Margaret Weiker, of NCPDP, for serving in the chair position during the group's transition from an industry group to an X12 code maintenance group. Transitions are challenging and Margaret did an outstanding job of leading the group through that process." Ms. McDaniel continued, "I'm thrilled that Elizabeth is willing to step up to build on CMG03's successes in supporting the health care industry needs and guide it through the opportunities and challenges of the next few years. Elizabeth is well-qualified to step into the position as she is a long-term participant in the group with exceptional communication and leadership skills. I'm looking forward to seeing great things from CMG03." Ms. Templeton will be supported by Nancy Spector, of the AMA, in the Vice-chair position, Tina Greene, of Mitchell International, and the rest of the CMG03 constituents.

Ms. Templeton is looking forward to getting to work, "I appreciate the opportunity to work with the CMG03 constituents to ensure our code lists are efficient, robust, and ready to meet the continually evolving needs of the industry stakeholders who depend on the code lists for effective communication."