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For Meeting Attendees: Live Demo of the X12 Maintenance Request Process

The Accredited Standards Committee invites you to attend its first-ever live demo of the maintenance request (MR) process on Sunday afternoon in Jacksonville. Join X12 staff and ASC process, technical, and subject matter experts who have volunteered to describe or demonstrate the steps and workflow of the MR process including:

  • An MR moving through the initial steps of the process, resulting in its assignment to a development group
  • A development group's project delegate kicking off its analysis/assessment process and developing the proposed solution
  • The development group's SMEs reporting back to their work groups and gathering feedback or support for the proposed solution to communicate back to the development group (this portion of the demonstration will be simulated since the work groups are not meeting Sunday afternoon)
  • The development group approving a subcommittee comment period on the proposed solution (simulated since the work group's input isn't available on Sunday afternoon)
  • The MR moving through the remaining process steps, resulting in a member ballot on the proposed solution (simulated) 

This session is not a canned demonstration, your fellow member representatives will be presenting the processing of an actual MR, discussing the initial impact assessment, and refining it into a proposed solution to the request. Of course, this demo infers that we don't really know whether the development group will complete their assessment or if they additional time. is needed. You'll have to join us to find out! 

We hope to see you at this inaugural demonstration in Jacksonville. Equally critical, we're excited to hear your perspective on whether the live demo was helpful as you consider participating in development groups that align with your expertise.

X12 needs your skills and viewpoints to ensure that enhancements to our standards and implementation guides are well-vetted in our mission to meet the underlying industry requirements.


Cathy and Gary
X12 CEO and ASC Chair